Steam Boilers: Operation, Maintenance & Control Systems
Steam Boilers: Operation, Maintenance & Control Systems

Steam Boilers: Operation, Maintenance & Control Systems

Duration: 3 days

This is a 3-day workshop we will be emphasising on the general safety and best practice of steam boilers, operation, maintenance and control systems.

The workshop consists of multi-media presentation sessions and a high level of class interaction. Our trainer will facilitate quizzes after each session for revision and self-evaluation.

A workshop manual which includes quiz questions and answer sections will be provided to each participant.


  • Types of Boilers
  • Boiler Fuel Combustion and The Generation of Steam
  • Boiler Auxiliary Plant
  • Pressure Containing Parts in a Boiler
  • In-Service Planning, Inspections and Maintenance for Boilers
  • Boiler Management – Repairs and Modifications
  • Storage of Boilers (options considered)
  • Boiler Emissions and EPA Regulations – How should they be managed?
  • Boiler Controls – Stages of Development
  • Combustion Controls
  • Boiler Feed Water and Steam Reheat Design Principles and Strategies
  • ‘Auxiliary’ Control Loops for Safe Operation

  • Boiler plant operators, maintenance personnel, controls technicians and contractors
  • Boiler plant engineers, managers and supervisors
  • Consulting engineers and Insurance company inspectors
  • Instrumentation engineers and technicians
  • Boiler chemicals and accessories suppliers


Our trainer is an experienced and highly motivated ex-marine engineer with extensive industry experience in onshore and offshore industrial settings. He has hands-on experience in the operation, maintenance and management of a diverse range of plant and equipment comprising steam raising boiler plant, pumps, compressors, turbines, electrical power generation and HVAC/refrigeration systems. Our trainer is able to demonstrate how superior plant performance can be achieved through best practice in the operation and maintenance of a plant. He has a strong and complex problem-solving skills, and is ready to discuss solution options when raised. Finally, his enthusiastic and interactive style and passionate demeanour makes him popular and a much sought-after instructor.

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