Jfam Synergy
About Us

About Us

Jfam Synergy is a training company dedicated to providing world-class training to professionals around the world. Since our incorporation in 2005, we have remained passionate about education — creating a dynamic platform for experts to train professionals who are interested in maintaining a competitive edge over other professionals in their field.

Priding ourselves in our dedicated team of staff and trainers, we love sharing our knowledge, skills, and experience. We based our operations in Singapore as it is an ever-growing economical hub in this region. We hope to continue to reach other areas of the world so that we can educate more professionals.

Jfam Synergy organises our trainings in the form of workshops. We welcome attendance from professionals from companies and countries around the world. Our workshops typically consist of a series of presentations by our highly experienced trainers, followed by interactive sessions. Our trainers encourages our participates to ask questions and exchange views and ideas with the other professionals in the room.

In addition to that, we also offer in-house workshops, which are customisable to your training needs. Feel free to contact us at sales@jfamsynergy.com should you require more information.

Jfam Synergy’s Vision

  • Training and equipping professionals who wish to maintain a competitive edge in an ever-changing working environment of the 21st century.
  • Empowering participants to achieve their career objectives and goals.
  • Partnering with trainers who are experts in their fields and facilitating the ‘passing’ of knowledge
  • Listening, improving and learning from participants’ feedback so that we can continue to provide excellent corporate education and service
  • Giving back to the society by working with non-profit organisations to improve the livelihood of the underprivileged.

Jfam Synergy’s Mission

  • Jfam Synergy hopes to equip participants with knowledge so that they will be an asset to their organisations.
  • To purposefully provide a variety of impactful courses ranging from Technical, Engineering, Electrical, Oil & Gas, IT, ISO, Data Centre and Soft Skills for various industries catering to all levels of staff.

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Jfam Synergy Pte Ltd reserves the rights to cancel or reschedule any training events due to unforeseen circumstances.
If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.