Disinfection and Sterilisation of Surgical Instruments
Disinfection and Sterilisation of Surgical Instruments

Disinfection and Sterilisation of Surgical Instruments


Duration:  2 days

In this 2-day workshop, we will cover sterilisation of surgical instruments using “Steam under Pressure”. We will address the multiple processes, tasks, and routines that are incorporated within the Sterile Supply System. You will have the opportunity to share and discuss methodologies adopted within their own Theatre/Central sterile supply departments (TSSUs/CSSDs).

During the 2-day workshop, the Australian/New Zealand Standard – AS/NZS 4187:2003 will be referenced. We will discuss the process of validation, steam quality, sterilizer maintenance, and troubleshooting. We will also touch on other methods of sterilisation for surgical instruments, such as dry heat and hydrogen peroxide gas plasma. 



  • Introduction to “Microbial Hazards” and ‘Targets Set’
  • How Efficient is Sterilisation 
  • Sterilisation Process Testing – Why should we ‘test’?
  • Importance of Testing Programmes
  • Preparing and Packing Instruments to be Sterilised
  • Packaging and Wrapping of Items for Sterilisation
  • Principles of Dry Heat Sterilisation
  • The Processes of Dry Heat Sterilisation 
  • What are Steam (increased pressure) Sterilisers
  • The Types of Steam Sterilisers
  • Monitoring and Calibration of Steriliser Performance 
  • Operations and Maintenance of Steam Sterilisers
  • Trouble shooting – High Pre-vac Sterilisers
  • Low Temperature Sterilisers and Liquid Sterilant

  • Theatre Nurse or Nurse Managers
  • Managers or Supervisors of CSSD/TSSU Deptartments in Hospitals
  • Managers of Engineering Departments
  • Companies that Services the Supply Needs of TSSU/CSSD Departments.



Experienced and highly motivated, our trainer is an Ex-Marine who is now a Senior Hospital Engineer. He has many years of ‘hands on’ working experience in operations, maintenance, and management of a diverse range of plants; in both ‘onshore and offshore’ industrial environments. As a result of that, he has a sound technical knowledge and background; this includes “Steam Sterilisation of Reusable Surgical Instruments and Equipment” which is a specialist field. These career opportunities provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience and so making him a respected professional in relevant engineering disciplines.

He is also thorough with the subject matter, strong with complex problem solving, and touches on safety, life cycle costing, energy cost savings, and performance enhancement in his presentations.

Our trainer always presents his workshops in a manner that is focused, committed, and passionate. As a result of that, he has become a popular and well sought-after instructor. Our trainer has a pleasant demeanour, as well as the ability to share his knowledge and experience with the entire class in a clear and dynamic manner. Above all, he has the ability to keep all the participants engrossed to the very end.

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