Steam Turbine Operation and Maintenance
Steam Turbine Operation and Maintenance

Steam Turbine Operation and Maintenance

Duration: 3 days In this 3-day program, you will learn more about the Maintenance of Steam Turbines. Besides the fundamentals of Steam Turbine Operations and Theory, you will further explore different aspects of Steam Turbine Maintenance including steam turbine systems, component maintenance and repair, safety practices, and assembly and disassembly of major items. By the end of the course, you will also understand how to perform clearance checks, evaluate the condition of components, and keep accurate records of the equipment. You are encouraged to bring your prior knowledge of Steam Turbines when attending this program. Class participation is heavily recommended to ensure that you get the most out of this training. COURSE OUTLINE:
  • Fundamentals and practical aspects of steam turbine operation
  • Steam Turbine Systems
  • Steam Turbine Operations & Maintenance

  • Engineers, Operational Managers, Technicians, Supervisors, Maintenance Superintendents

Our trainer has over thirty years of experience in both the engineering and training sector. While apprenticing in the Royal Navy, he initially specialised in Steam Turbines. He has since gone on to work with Gas Turbines (with Rolls Royce, GE, and Alstom) and finally diesel generation engines. He has worked in the North Sea in oil and gas production, as well as maintaining industrial gas turbines and compressors. At present, he is the Lead Technical Trainer responsible for the delivery of training courses at client’s premises across the UK or overseas. He trains across the whole spectrum of mechanical engineering. He conducts training needs analysis and designs bespoke training strategies. Some of the clients that have undergone some of Pat’s training are as follows:
  • Saudi Aramco Gulf Operations (KJO)
  • SHELL SPDC + SHELL Afam VI Combined Cycle Plant
  • ExxonMobil Fawley Refinery
  • ENGIE UK Ltd
  • Sembcorp Utilities Wilton CHP
  • Star Petroleum Refining

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